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234th Season




A “Terem” is an old traditional Russian wooden house with a tower, which brings together totally different kinds of people and different musical trends.

Through its playing, the Terem-Quartet is able to win over any international audience and having travelled throughout the world, they still remain Russian musicians who express deeply the heart of their nation.

Breaking down nearly every conceivable genre barrier, this ensemble has changed our perception of not just what a quartet can be, but what music can be in the 21st-century global village.

Over the 20 years of their existence, the Terem Quartet has often acted as an ‘envoy’ of St. Petersburg and Russian culture. The Russian press calls the ensemble ‘St. Petersburg’s calling card’, bracketing the Quartet together with the Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theatre and the Russian Museum (Business Panorama, November 2001)

Andrey Konstantinov soprano domra (Honoured artist of Russia)
Alexey Barshchev alto domra
Andrey Smirnov bayan (Honoured artist of Russia)
Mikhail Dzyudze bass balalaika (Honoured artist of Russia)


26.11.1986. St.-Petersburg, Russia - first concert of the Terem-Quartet


St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov,
St. Petersburg Academy of Culture (Alexey Barshchev)


• Queen Elizabeth Hall (London, UK)
• St.John`s Smith Square (London, UK)
• St.James’ Palace (London, UK)
• Olympia Hall (Paris, France)
• Theatre Chatelet (Paris, France)
• Alte Oper (Frankfurt, Germany)
• Passion Kirche (Berlin, Germany)
• Vigady Concert Hall (Budapest, Hungary)
• Concertgebaw (Amsterdam, Holland)
• Conservatory G. Verdi (Torino, Italy)
• Theatre Alterosa (Belohorizonte, Brazil)
• Savoy Theatre (Helsinki, Finland)
• Filharmonia Narodowa (Warsaw, Poland)
• Opera Theatre (Brugge, Belgium)
• Opera Theatre (Bombay, India)
• Latvian National Opera (Riga, Latvia)
• Dzintary Concert Hall (Urmala, Latvia)
• The Choir Field (Tartu, Estonia)
• Adelaide Town Hall (Australia)
• New Fortune Theatre (Perth, Australia)
• Moscow Kremlin Palace (Moscow, Russia)
• Tchaikovsky Great Hall & Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory (Moscow, Russia)
• The State Hermitage (St. Petersburg, Russia)
• The Great and Minor Philharmonic Halls (St.-Petersburg, Russia)
• The International House of Music (Moscow, Russia)


• WOMAD (under auspices of Peter Gabriel; all major events since 1991)
• "Settembre musica" Conservatory G.Verdi (Torino, Italy, 1994)
• Edinburg Festival (Edinburg, Scotland, 1998)
• European Festivals of Yuri Bashmet and Mstislav Rostropovich (Tours, Evian, France, since 1997)
• "Stars of the White Nights" International Art Festival (St.-Petersburg, Russia)
• Festival of Perth (West Australia, 1999)
• New Zealand Festival (2000)
• Pori-Jazz Festival (Finland 1999)
• Guelph Spring Festival in Canada (2000)
• Tartu Jazz Festival (Tartu, Estonia, 2001)
• Glatt&Verkehrt Festival (Krems, Austria, 2000 and 2006)
• “Prague Autumn” International Music Festival (2000)
• “Arts Square” International Winter Festival (St.-Petersburg, Russia, 2001)
• Cannes Festival (France, 2001)
• Quebec Festival (Canada, 2002)
• Kremlin Easter Festival (Moscow, Russia, 2002)
• Musikfestspiele Saar Festival Russische Musik (Merzig, Germany, 2003)
• Festival “Nuits Romantiques du Lac du Bourget, Aix-les-Bains, France, 2004)
• Flanders Festival (Brussels, Belgium, 2004)
• Israel Festival (Jerusalem, Israel, 2005)
• Festival of World Cultures (Dun Laoghaire, Ireland 2006)
• Festival in Nantes “Folles Journees” (Nantes, France, 2007,2008)
• International Festival “Summertime” (Urmala, Latvia, 2007)
• Festival in South Korea “Jeonju Sori Festival” (Jeonju-City, Korea, 2007)
• The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival (Hungary, 2008)

Festivals in UK, Japan, Finland, Australia, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, South Africa, Korea.

At the Edinburg Festival, the Terem-Quartet was named among the best shows of the festival, and was awarded the top 5 stars by the rating of “The Scotsman”.


• XIII World Festival of Youth and Students in Pyongyang, N. Korea (1989)
• Reunion of Germany Anniversary Day (1992)
• Culture programme of the Olympic Games in Barcelona (1992)
• Meeting of Pope John Paul II with Families of the World in Vatican (1994)
• 3000th Anniversary of Jerusalem (1996)
• Carnival in Venice, Square of St. Marco (1996)
• Concert to celebrate awarding of the Mediterranean Prize of Peace to the President of Macedonian (1998)
• St.-James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales (Charles) (1999)
• Moscow’s International Film Festival (1999, 2000,2001)
• International EXPO exhibitions (Hannover, Germany, 2000, Prague, Czech Republic, 2000)
• Festival of Russian Cinema in Cannes (2001)
• ‘Sozvezdie’ professional film actor awards (Moscow, 2002)
• ‘Stars at the Kremlin’ Russian Culture Fund television project (with Vladimir Chernov) (2002)
• The ensemble became the winner of the Gold Book of the Fatherland for outstanding achievements for the good of Russia (2002)
• ‘St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary’ exhibition at the Russian Embassy in Berlin (2003)
• Winners of the Government of St. Petersburg’s 2005 prize for literature, art and architecture for the creation of the Teremok musical development program for children aged 3-8 (2006)
• One of the Terem’s participants Andrey Konstantinov was included in the list of Russia’s most successful people in the famous international «Who’s Who in Russia» encyclopedia (2006)
• Named winners of the St. Petersburg Government’s prize for creating the «TeremOK» musical development program for children aged 3-8
• Concert for government and business groups at the Russian-Singapore forum in Singapore (2006)
• World Press Forum in Moscow (2006)
• Concert for the G8 leaders at the summit held in St. Petersburg (2006)
• Awarded a prize-winner’s certificate by the Fourth Moscow International Festival of Music of Russian Manor-Houses ‘The Noble Seasons’ (2006)
• Awarded the ‘Petersburg Constellation’ prize-winner’s certificate. Terem-Quartet’s achievement received a deserved mention in the Petersburg Book of Records (as the only chamber ensemble of folk instruments performing classical compositions in their own arrangements). (2006)
• Honorary diploma from the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly for Terem-Quartet’s outstanding contribution to the development of culture and the arts in St. Petersburg and to mark the ensemble’s 20th birthday (2006)
• Thanks from President Putin for participating in the concert given to the G8 leaders at the summit in St. Petersburg (2006)
• Thanks from President Putin for making a major contribution to the musical art. (2006)


• LP - “TEREM QUARTET”. Melodia (1989)
• CD - "TEREM" Real World Records/Virgin
Records (1991) Produced by Tony Berg
• MC - “TEREM QUARTET”. Russian-German Music (1993)
• CD - "CLASSICAL" Real World Records/Virgin
Records (1994) Produced by Tony Berg
• CD - "1000TH CONCERT. LIVE." Terem Art Centre, St. Petersburg (1994)
• CD - "TEREM QUARTET" Radio Bremen Studio (1994)
Terem Art Centre, St. Petersburg (1999)
• CD – “FLEA WALTZ” New disk Manchester Files, released by Bomba-Piter and Terem-quartet. (1999)
Volume I, II, III. (2002)
• CD “JUBILENIUM” (Manchester Files, Bomba-Piter)
St.-Petersburg (2001)
• CD “RUSSIAN PASSIONS” (Manchester Files, Bomba-Piter)
St.-Petersburg (2002)
• CD «Terem-Quartet and Friends» (Manchester Files, Bomba-Piter) St-Petersburg (2004)
• CD Vladimir Chernov Terem-Quartet «Canzone d’amore Italiane», Terem-Quartet, 2004
• CD Terem-Quartet 2000th concert LIVE, Terem-Quartet, 2004
• CD «TeremOK» for children 3- 8 years old, Terem-Quartet, 2006
• CD Terem-Quartet with Iceland singer Diddu, 2008


1993, Russian Television Channel 2. 40 minutes. Directed by Sergei Sadovsky.
• The Terem-Quartet in the film "ST.-PETERSBURG'S MUSICIANS" 1996, Russian Television/Channel 2. 50 minutes. Directed by Igor Schadhan.
1996, Petersburg TV/Channel 5. 24 minutes. Produced by Euromusic.
• “PUSHKIN, TCHAIKOVSKY AND THE TEREM QUARTET”, 1997, Igor Shadhan’s workshop. 13 minutes.
• “THE STORY OF A PHOTOGRAPH”. 1997, Igor Shadhan’s workshop. 13 minutes.
• “WORKSHOP OF TEREM-QUARTET” 1998, Igor Shadhan’s workshop. 65 minutes
• “STARS IN THE KREMLIN” 2002, Russian Television/Culture. 30 minutes.
• “GLOBE WALKER ST.-PETERSBURG SPECIAL” 2003, Robert Stern’s workshop. Japan Television/NHK. 20 minutes.
• “Terem-Quartet - Reflection” 2004, Slava Makarov’s workshop. 4 minutes.
• “Concert at Moscow Philharmonic concert hall”, 2007, directed by Sploshnov.


"The Quartet's immaculate musicianship shines like an illuminated manuscript..."
November 11, 1994

"The Russian Terem Quartet from St. Petersburg mixes balalaika folk, classical music, pop shock, and the late Romantic pathos."
№ 39, 1993


"Talking about the four curious individuals who call themselves the Terem Quartet, a classical ensemble, but careless in a nonconformist way. The traditional heritage of their Conservatory is always felt in the quartet, but their repertoire is a medley of a definitely eccentric nature."
June 22, 1993

"Mozart, Chopin and Bizet as you've never heard them before - classical music become theatre."
August 15, 1998

“Critic and press reviews of the Terem Quartet cannot explain anything. You should SEE with your own eyes, see the artists humoring around onstage, punning each other by mimicking and gesture, - and that sparingly, subtly, without pressing. You should HEAR the Terem playing classics, joking with it, slicking the texture of music: now each of them does his own part, as it is normal in an ensemble, and then all the four sound as one strange instrument. It's a kind of fabulous theatre that dodges any standard description".

CHAS, Latvia
February 2, 1999

"Love, hatred, irony, more philosophical feelings, all of these are mixed in Russian music, it's very spiritual".

November 11, 1994

“The Russian Museum, the Hermitage, the Terem-Quartet. Spot the odd one out? There isn’t one!”

No. 47 (161), 2001

“The Quartet’s virtuosity is almost superhuman. Their breath-taking teamwork, dynamics, verve and command of their instruments make you feel as if you have the honor to be present at the creation of the world.”

July 10, 2000

“Unveiling all the potential of their instruments, using their innate musical instincts, these Musicians perform in such a way that the heavens seem to open up before you”

May 11, 2002

“No one would think it an exaggeration if the Terem ‘brand’ were to emerge alongside the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and the Mariinsky Theatre, the traditional symbols of Petersburg in the West”.

November 28 No. 218, 2001

“Time and again, Terem manages to touch some fundamental, innermost layers of the collective unconscious, resonating in tune with the music. And for as long as this mystical connection with the public lasts, Terem is guaranteed enduring success”.

January 17, 2002

“Petersburg Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”

May 19, 2006

“Terem-Quartet is probably the only ensemble which has managed to revitalize such dying concepts as ‘popular classics’ and‘re-interpretation’.”
May 30, 2006

"For Ireland, a visit from a group such as this is comparable to the astronomical event of the century."

NASHA GAZETA (The first Russian newspaper in Ireland),
No. 31 (158), August 2006

“They have a distinct sound and manner of performing. Their energy and vigor are typical of an English rock band, but in no way characteristic of a folk instrument ensemble. What’s more, the musicians have a trump card which makes you forget even about the ‘popular classics’, and about their professionalism, and about Peter Gabriel who is mad about Terem-Quartet: all four of them are irresistibly charismatic. Their music is in their eyes, their smiles, their shouts or even in their grimaces. It’s extraordinary, but we too have people who see music not only in the score.”
May 30, 2006

“Andrey Konstantinov, Alexey Barshchev, Andrey Smirnov and Michail Dzyudze are absolute geniuses, each on his own musical instrument, and their skills, musical sensitivity and contagious joy touches everyone”

Jonas Ingimundarson, Artistic director of Salurinn
February 16, 2007

Terem-Quartet official website

Mariinsky Theatre:
1 Theatre Square
St. Petersburg
Mariinsky-2 (New Theatre):
34 Dekabristov Street
St. Petersburg
Mariinsky Concert Hall:
20 Pisareva street
St. Petersburg

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