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Marius Petipa


Marius Petipa (11 March 1818 – 14 July 1910) - Unrivaled ballet master of the Tsar`s Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg Russia from about 1862 until around 1905. He laid the foundations for modern Classical Ballet and the Russian school of classical dance, as generations of dancers from the late 19th century in turn took the art of ballet to the world. He was the creator of over 100 ballets, some of which have survived and have remained cornerstones of the modern Classical Ballet repertoire.


Marius Petipa was born in Marseilles, France on March 11, 1822. From the start, Marius Petipa had theatre in his blood - his father Jean Petipa was a dancer, choreographer and teacher, and his mother Victorine Grasseu, was an actress. They brought up both Marius and his elder brother, Lucien Petipa, to follow the similar professions. Lucien made a better name for himself as a dancer; among the many roles he created was that of Albert (Albrecht) in Giselle.

The Original Works and Revivals of Marius Petipa for the Imperial Ballet of Russia

Paquita (revival, after Joseph Mazilier 1846) - 1847. Revised: 1881. Music by Edouard Deldevez (original Paris staging, 1846), re-orchestrated by Konstantin Liadov (the famous additions by composer Leon Minkus were not added to the ballet until Petipa`s revival of 1881 - for Act I: a Pas de Trois & a Variation for Paquita / for Act II: the Children`s Polonaise & Mazurka, & a Grand Pas Classique)
Satanilla or Love and Hell (revival, after Joseph Mazilier) (w/ Jean Petipa) - 1848. Music by Napoleon Henri Reber & Francois Benoist, orch. by Konstantin Liadov
Leda or The Swiss Milkmaid - 1849. Music by Adalbert Gyrowetz
Giselle (revival, after Joseph Mazilier & Jules Perrot 1841) - 1850. Revised: 1884, 1887. Music by Adolphe Adam (original Paris staging`, 1841), Frederic Bergmuller (the Peasant Pas de Deux & Danse des Vignerons for Act I, original Paris staging, 1841), w/ additions & re-orchestrations/revisions by Leon Minkus (additions: for Act I: Giselle`s famous Pas Seul variation, & a pas de deux for Giselle & Albrecht / for Act II: a variation for Giselle, 1884, 1887)
The Star of Granada - 1855. Music by Cesare Pugni
The Rose, the Violet, and the Butterfly - 1857. Music by Prince Peter Von Oldenbourg (AKA Grand Duke of Oldenbourg / Prince Oldenbourg)
The Regency Marriage or A Marriage During the Regency - 1858. Music by Cesare Pugni
Venitian Carnival or The Carnival in Venice Grand Pas de Deux - 1859. Music by Cesare Pugni on a theme by Nicolo Paganini
The Parisian Market - 1859. Music by Cesare Pugni
The Blue Dahlia - 1860. Music by Cesare Pugni
Terpsichore - 1861. Music by Cesare Pugni
The Pharaoh`s Daughter - 1862, revised: 1885, & 1898. Music by Cesare Pugni
Le Corsaire (revival, after Joseph Mazilier 1856) - 1863. Revised: 1868, 1885, 1899. Music by Adolphe Adam (original Paris staging, 1856), Leo Delibes (for the Paris revival of 1863 he composed the scene Le Jardin Anime - added by Petipa for the Russian revival, 1868), Cesare Pugni (1858, 1868. Pungi revised the Trio des Odalisques using Adolphe Adam`s original music, by adding the 1st & 2nd variations and coda, to Adam`s orginal Entree and 3rd variation, 1858), Prince Peter Von Oldenbourg (the Pas d`Esclave, 1858), Leon Minkus (additional variations, 1885), & Riccardo Drigo (the famous Pas de Deux a Trois or Le Corsaire Pas de Deux, 1899)
The Beauty of Lebanon or The Mountain Spirit - 1853. Music by Cesare Pugni
The Traveling Dancer - 1865. Music by Cesare Pugni
La Esmeralda (revival, after Jules Perrot) - 1866. Revised: 1870, 1872, 1886, 1887, 1898. Music by Cesare Pugni (original Paris staging, 1844), w/ additions by Yuli Gerber (1870, 1872), & w/ additions by Riccardo Drigo (Pas de Six, 1898)
Florida - 1866, Music by Cesare Pugni
Titania - 1866. Music by Cesare Pugni
Faust - 1867. Music by Giacomo Panizza & Cesare Pugni
The Benevolent Cupid - 1868. Music by Cesare Pugni
The Slave Girl - 1898. Music by Cesare Pugni
Le Roi Candaule or King Candaules - 1868. Revised: 1891, & 1903. Music by Cesare Pugni
Don Quixote - 1869. Revised: 1871 (Petipa`s staging was revised by Alexander Gorsky, 1900, & 1903). Music by Leon Minkus (1869 & 1871), w/ additions by Riccardo Drigo (`Dulcinea`s variation` for the `Dream scene`, `Variation of Kitri with the fan` for the Grand Pas de Deux, 1903), & w/ additions by Anton Simon (for Alexander Gorsky`s revival) (`Spanish dance for Mercedes`, variation of the `Queen of the Dryads`, & `Waltz of the Dryad`s Mistresses`, 1900)
Trilby - 1870. Music by Yuli Gerber
Catarina or La Fille du Bandit (revival) - 1870 (Petipa`s staging was revised by Enrico Cecchetti, 1888). Music by Cesare Pugni (original London staging 1846), Riccardo Drigo (1888)
The Two Stars or The Stars or The Two Little Stars - 1871. Revised: 1878. Music by Cesare Pugni
Camargo - 1872 (Petipa`s staging was revised by Lev Ivanov, 1901). Music by Leon Minkus
Le Papillon or The Butterfly (revival, after Marie Taglioni 1861) - 1874. Music by Leon Minkus, w/ elements from the original 1861 score of Jacques Offenbach, & w/ themes by Luigi Venzano
The Naiad and the Fisherman (revival, after Jules Perrot 1843) - 1871. Revised: 1874, 1892 (Petipa`s staging was revised by Alexander Shiriyev, 1903). Music by Cesare Pugni (original London staging 1843)
The Bandits or La Gitanilla - 1875. Music by Leon Minkus
The Adventures of Peleus or Thetis and Peleus or The Wedding of Thetis and Peleus - 1876. Revised: 1897 as Thetis and Peleus. Music by Leon Minkus, w/ additions by Leo Delibes
A Midsummer Night`s Dream - 1876. Music by Felix Mendelssohn, w/ additions by Leon Minkus
La Bayadere - 1877. Revised: 1884, 1900. Music by Leon Minkus
Roxana, the Beauty of Montenegro - 1878. Music by Leon Minkus
The Daughter of the Snows - 1879. Music by Leon Minkus
Frizak the Barber or The Double Wedding - 1879. Music arranged by Leon Minkus from various Italian Operas.
Mlada - 1879. Revised: 1896. Music by Leon Minkus
La Fille du Danube or The Daughter of the Danube (revival, after Filippo Taglioni 1836) - 1880. Music by Adolphe Adam (original Paris staging, 1836)
Zoraiya, The Moorish Girl in Spain or Zoraiya - 1881. Music by Leon Minkus
La Vivandiere or Markitenka (revival, after Arthur St. Leon 1844) - 1881. Music by Cesare Pugni (original Paris staging, 1844 & Russian revival, 1855)
Paquerette (revival, after Arthur St. Leon 1851) - 1882. Music by Francois Benoist (original Paris staging, 1851), w/ additions by Cesare Pugni (Russian revival, 1860), & w/ additions by Leon Minkus (1882).
Night and Day - 1883. Music by Leon Minkus
Pygmalion or The Cyprus Statue - 1883. Music by Prince Trubestkoi
Coppelia (revival, after Arthur St. Leon 1870) - 1884. (Petipa`s staging was revised by Enrico Cecchetti, 1894). Music Leo Delibes (original Paris staging, 1870)
La Diable a Quatre or The Willfull Wife (revival, after Joseph Mazilier & Jules Perrot 1845) - 1885. Music by Adolphe Adam (original Paris staging, 1845 & Russian revival, 1851), w/ additions by Leon Minkus
La Fille Mal Gardee or Vain Precautions (w/ Lev Ivanov) (revival, after Jean Dauberval 1791, Jean Aumer 1828, & Paolo Taglioni 1864) - 1885. Music by Peter Ludwig Hertel (original Berlin staging, 1864), w/ additions by Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold (revised Bordeaux staging, 1828), w/ additions & re-orchestrations by Leon Minkus (1885)
The Magic Pills - 1886. Music by Leon Minkus
The King`s Command - 1886. Revised: 1887. Music by Albert Vinzentini
The Offerings of Love or Happiness is Loving - 1886. Music by Leon Minkus
The Haarlem Tulip (w/ Lev Ivanov) - 1887. Revised: 1902, 1903. Music by Boris Fitinghoff-Schell
Fiametta or The Flame of Love or The Salamander or The Triumph of Love or The Flame of Love (revival, after Arthur St. Leon) - 1887. Music by Leon Minkus (original Moscow staging, 1863 & Moscow revival, 1864)
The Vestal or Le Vestale - 1888. Music by Mikhail Ivanov
The Talisman or Le Talisman - 1889. Music by Riccardo Drigo
Les Caprices du Papillon or The Whims of the Butterfly or The Caprices of a Butterfly - 1889. Revised: 1895. Music by Nikolai Krotkov
The Sleeping Beauty - 1890. Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, w/ revisions by Riccardo Drigo
The Water Lily or The Lily - 1890. Music by Nikolai Krotkov
Kalkabrino - 1891. Music by Leon Minkus
A Fairy Tale - 1891. Music by (?)Ritcher
La Sylphide (revival, after Filippo Taglioni 1832) - 1892. Music by Jean Schnietzhoeffer (original Paris staging, 1832), w/ additions and revisions by Riccardo Drigo
The Nutcracker (staged by Lev Ivanov from Petipa`s sketches) - 1892. Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Cinderella - 1893. Music by Boris Fitinghoff-Schell
The Awakening of Flora or Le Reveil de Flore - 1894. Music by Riccardo Drigo
Swan Lake (w/ Lev Ivanov) (revival, after Julius Reisinger) - 1895. Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (original Moscow staging, 1877), w/ revisions by Riccardo Drigo (1895)
The Little Humpbacked Horse or The Tsar Maiden (revival, after Arthur St. Leon 1864) - 1895. Music by Cesare Pugni (original St. Petersburg staging, 1864)
The Calvery Halt or Halt of the Calvery or Le Halte de Calvery - 1896. Music by Johann Armsheimer
The Pearl - 1898. Music by Riccardo Drigo
Bluebeard - 1896 (Petipa`s staging was revised by Nikolai Legat, 1910). Music by Peter Schenck
Raymonda - 1898. Music by Alexander Glazunov
Ruses d`Amour or The Trial of Damis or Lady Soubrette or The Pranks of Love - 1900. Music by Alexander Glazunov
The Seasons - 1900. Music by Alexander Glazunov
Harlequins Millions or Harlequinade or Les Millions d`Arlequin - 1900. Music by Riccardo Drigo
The Pupils of Dupre or Les Eleves de Dupre - 1900. Music by Albert Vizentini, Leo Delibes, & others
The Heart of the Marquis or Le Coeur de la Marquise - 1902. Music by G. Giraud
The Magic Mirror - 1903. Music by Arsenii Koreshchenko
The Romance of the Rosebud and the Butterfly (never premiered) 1904. Music by Riccardo Drigo


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