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234th Season

Arif Melikov


13 September 1933 in Baku (Azerbaijan).

From 1946 until 1951 at Baku Music College. From 1953 until 1958 at Baku Conservatory (composition under Kara Karaev).
In 1958 he was appointed to teach at the conservatory, where he was assistant professor from 1971. From 1979 he is professor in composition and instrumentation.

The Azerbaijanian traditional music is the basis of Melikov‘s compositions. His principal works have a symphonic form.
Melikov is a symphonist mainly. His works are based on traditional Azerbaijan folklore, moulding certain international elements of this folklore into classical form structures.

Preludes for piano (1953)
Suite for violin and piano (1954)
Scherzo for violin and piano (1954)
Balletsuite for orchestra (1955)
Concertino for flute and orchestra (1955-1956)
"A Fairy-Tale", symphonic poem for orchestra (1957)
LP: Melodiya C10 06265-6 - Radio Orchestra, M. Shostakovich
Symphony No. 1 (1958)
To the Memory of Fisuli, symphonic poem for orchestra (1959)
"Legends of Love", ballet in three acts after a drama by N. Hikmet (1960-1961)
"Legends of Love", suite No. 1 for symphony orchestra (1960)
LP: Melodiya D 12153-4 and C 619-20 - Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, Niyazy
Four Romances for singer and piano or chamber-orchestra (1962)
LP: Melodiya C10 06265-6 - Chamber Orchestra, A. Melikov, F. Kasimova
LP: Melodiya C10 28915 - E. Ivanova (soprano), A. Sheludyakov (piano)
Metamorphoses, poem for symphony orchestra (1963-1964)
"Homeland", vocal-symphonic poem after T. Bairamov for chorus and symphony orchestra (1964)
Two Suites for symphony orchestra (1965)
"Legends of Love", suite No. 2 for symphony orchestra (1966)
LP: Melodiya D 15115-6 - Azerbaidzhan SO, Niyazy
"Legends of Love", suite No. 3 for symphony orchestra (1966)
Suite for folk-instruments (1967)
"Pictures" for folk-instruments (1967)
"Waves", operetta (1967)
Eight Pieces for symphony orchestra (1968)
"The Two", ballet after a libretto by R. Rozhdestvensky (1969)
Symphony No. 2 "Dedicated to Dmitri Shostakovich" (1969-1970)
LP: Melodiya C10 28213 - G. Rozhdestvensky
Two Suites for symphony orchestra (1970)
Twelve Pieces for symphony orchestra (1971)
"Voices of the Earth", cantata on lyrics by V. Samed Oghly for solo voice, chorus and symphony orchestra (1972)
"Ali-Baba and the Forty Robbers", ballet (1973)
"The Last Mountain Gorge", symphonic poem (1974)
Symphony No. 3 for chamber orchestra (1973-1975)
LP: Melodiya C10 06265-6 - Radio Orchestra, M. Shostakovich
LP: Melodiya C10 28915 - Chamber Orchestra, A. Korneev
Symphonic Dances (1976)
Symphony No. 4 for string orchestra (1977)
LP: Melodiya C10 28213 - G. Rozhdestvensky
"The Giant with the Blue Eyes", romance after N. Hikmet for singer and piano (1977)
"Don‘t Forget", symphonic poem after texts by Soviet poets (1978)
"Fugitive Visions", cycle for piano (1978)
Symphony No. 5 for symphony orchestra (1979)
Sonata for solo violin (1980)
LP: Melodiya C10 28915 - L. Tushin (violin)
"Konde and Madam", ballet after motives from an Indian epic (1980)
Symphony No. 6 "Contrasts" for symphony orchestra (1984)
Symphony No. 7 (1995)
Symphony No. 8 (1996-1997)
"Antonio and Cleopatra", ballet
"Joseph, the handsome", ballet
And furthermore:

Three symphonic poems
Six Suites
Three Suites for folk orchestra
Two Song Cycles on words by N. Hikmet
Vocal Music
Instrumental Pieces
Ten Film Scores
Incidental Music

(c) Onno van Rijen

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